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Bobtail Insurance in Seattle, King County, WA

Affordable Bobtail & NTL Insurance in Seattle, King County, WA for Independent Truckers

As a specialist in trucking insurance, Small Business Insurance Seattle - Thompson Insurance Agency understands the distinct needs of independent truckers in Seattle, King County, WA. We offer bobtail insurance plans tailored to safeguard both your truck and livelihood.
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What Is Bobtail Insurance?

Also known as non-trucking liability insurance, bobtail insurance covers you while your truck is without a trailer, regardless of whether you're on a job. For further details, contact us at 206-789-4663.

Advantages of Bobtail Insurance

Securing bobtail insurance saves you from hefty out-of-pocket costs in case of an accident during non-dispatch hours. To explore the full range of benefits, reach out to us at 206-789-4663.

Liability Protection

Medical Coverage

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Common Coverage Scenarios in Bobtail Insurance

Being aware of typical claims can help you better understand the risks:

  • Liability claims for accidents during non-dispatch periods
  • Medical costs for injuries incurred in such accidents
  • Physical damage to your truck when operated without a trailer

For more insights into these coverages, talk to us at 206-789-4663.

Customized Bobtail Insurance Plans in Seattle, King County, WA

At Small Business Insurance Seattle - Thompson Insurance Agency, we offer bobtail insurance solutions fine-tuned for independent truckers, whether you're on the road part-time or full-time. Speak to us at 206-789-4663 to find a plan that fits your budget and requirements.

Invest wisely in a robust bobtail insurance package to safeguard your business. To get started, complete our online quote request form, or directly reach us at 206-789-4663.